Friday, September 28, 2012

More Random Surath/Chaldean Vocabulary

I recently found a piece of paper from one of my "Surath" class binders.  Here it is:

I can't read the Arabic translation on the left, but I will transliterate the Surath translations (from the right, written in red) below:

Perfume:  lawantā
Freckles:  nanāshee
To Park (verb):  mahamlin
To check (verb):  tadkhāzin
To love (verb):  tadhaybin
Car (automobile):  trombayl
Purple:  banafsajee
Orange:  partaqalee
Dictionary:  qāmoos
Brown:  qahawee
Pink:  wardee
Gray:  rasāsee
To pay (verb):  taddafa'in
Push:  dafa'in
Pants:  pantaroon
Skirt:  tanorā
Dress:  fistān
This:  āyih
Those:  ānā
To need (verb, not "to want"):   khayjin


Jeano Kashat said...

Where did you take classes?

Jeffrey said...

Over the years I took classes at the various churches, as well as from the group "C.A.R.E" (Chaldean Americans Reaching & Encouraging), which is now defunct. Otherwise, I have been just asking family and friends for translations whenever possible.