Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The following is an old quiz from a "Surath 101" class I took many years ago.  After the images, a transliteration of the written Chaldean language will appear:

Translate each of the following sentences to Surath:

1.  John will be a rich man in one year
Yoohanan b Aawa gora amara pArrih bkhA shinthA

2.  Sue (Susan) will be a famous doctor
Shooshan bwyA dAktorAh ydhy'a

3.  Kevin will be living with Laura next year
Keyvin bAwih k-aysha b Lawra shintha dAthyA

4.  I will go to College next winter
Ana bAwin kzAlin (yen Ana zee zAlin) Lkooleeyih sitwih dAth

5.  Firas is a tall and skinny man
FyrAs eelih gorA yAreekhA wih bAgeerA

6.  Carline's grandfather is Mike
sAwa b karoleen eelih meekhA'aeel

7.  Your hair is very long
kosih d eewookh (these two words may contract to form one:  kos-ookh) eelih rAba yareekhA

8.  Most people have brown eyes
bishkAbar nAshih itay aynay qahwanA

9.  St. Thomas Church is too big
'aytA d mar tomA eelih kabeerA rabthA

10.  Chaldean girls are very pretty
bnAthA kaldaythA eelan rAba khleethA

Use the words below to fill the blanks
1.  kabeera nashe sawe ealay kosa khwArA

2.  Qashe kloshe badlate (Jole) komih

3.  Maya d yama ealay zarqih

4.  Gilla eale yarooqA    

5.  Dimma eale smooqA

Knowledge of the following verbs were tested in this exercise:
  • To be (future)
  • To go (future)
  • To be (present)
  • To have (present)
If you wish to learn more about how to conjugate these verbs in Surath, please review the following lessons:


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